Best Facial Kit For Men In India

Best facial kit for men’s In India

At the present time, we see a lot of men’s facial kit care and other grooming products coming up in the market. This is because, just like Women’s, men require pampering as well. Personal care is equally important for both men & women. With the current environment scenario, there is a lot of pollution and chemical particles floating in the air. These causes various skin issues and develop acnes and rashes. To avoid this one must surely take special care of their facial skin.

 With the growing awareness and unbiasedness of gender, there are many self-grooming and skincare products for men as well. Facial care is of utmost importance as the skin is very sensitive. Roaming out in sun, makes dust and other particles settle on the skin, which leads to the tanning of skin and other problems. Also, if the proper concern is not taken at the right time, it may lead to skin diseases as well. For all the men out there, you would now find various facial kits that help you take care of your skin.  Meanwhile, if you are wondering which is the best facial kit for men? And where would I find it, then relax? Through this blog, we list down the best facial kits for men, in brief, so you can choose as per your need.

The Man’s Co

The Man Co: Facial Kit For Mens

To begin with, the man co is one of the best companies that one can think of in the best facial kit for men. At present, it is a leading brand in India in personal care and cosmetic products for men. The man’s co is providing numerous products under each of their categories. They have an anti-tan facial kit for men, that helps you remove tan with ease. All the products from the man’s co are paraben-free, thus making it safe for your skin. Their activated charcoal facial kit for men is so highly demanded, as it shows the instant effect and helps you nurture your skin. This facial kit comes along with a coffee scrubber as well. Coffee is considered one of the best anti-oxidant for clear skin.

There are many other facial kits from The man’s co such as anti-aging and wrinkle-free face. This facial kit from “The man’s co” comes with aloe vera gel which helps to keep your face skin smooth and fresh. offer 14.5% cashback on the man’s company products, It is important to realize each product have their pro and cons. Let’s have a glance at them:


Detoxifies the skin.

Makes the skin glow.

Cleans the pores.

Paraben free.


It is a bit expensive.

Direct sunlight should be avoided.

VLCC Diamond Facial Kit

VLCC Diamond Facial Kit

If you are someone in your teenage and have a sensitive skin then this facial kit for men will certainly serve the purpose. The facial kit for man which VLCC offers is specialized in skin treatments. This facial skit for men contains vitamin E, which helps in treating all your skin damages. This facial kit is one of the best the reason being it is made from all-natural ingredients. The facial kit for men contains face scrub which is made from fresh fruits.

This unique scrubber will certainly help you get rid of dust, dirt as well as the blackheads. In this facial kit designed for men, you will find cream that helps you get over your face wrinkles and make you look young. VLCC facial kit is the best option for anti tan facial kit for men in this price range. VLCC Diamon Facial kit is affective on dry skin, it the best facial kit for men’s dry skin In India. Let’s have a look at the various benefits and drawbacks of using this facial kits:


Purifies an brightens skin tone

Reduces wrinkles

Helps in removing dead skin cells

Skin Nourishment


Not suitable for oily skin

Too many steps in order to complete the facial.

Immediate sun exposure is to be avoided

Lotus Facial Kit

Lotus Men’s Facial Kit

When it comes to the best facial kit for men’s in India, lotus herb company is to be remembered for sure. I f you are having dry and rough skin then this is the best facial kit for you. Lotus facial kit comes with various creams and scrubbers that helps you cleanse all the dirt and make your skin glow. This facial kit contains packs that are made from fresh fruits. This helps you nurture your skin in a better way. The natural ingredients include lemon and cleansing milk, orange peels along with honey for nourishing your skin. This facial kit for men is travel friendly so you can carry it with you even while you travel. Being made from natural ingredients makes it suitable for all skin types.


Made from natural ingredients

Helps in cleansing your skin

Brings natural glow


It is a bit expensive

Can cause whitening of skin if used in excess

Himalaya Facial Kit

Himalaya Facial Kit

Himalaya is a well-known brand and has been serving its cosmetics in the Indian market. The brand Himalaya, not just provides the best products but also assures that you will see the effects of their products. It is the most commonly preferred brand for skincare and personal care. Himalaya has some of the best facial kits for men’s oily skin. Due to the humid climate and too much pollution, the skin tone of Indian men is usually oily. To make sure they serve the Indian audience they came up with the best facial kit for men’s oily skin in India. The ingredient used in the facial kit provided by Himalaya is certainly natural. Let’s have a glance at the various pros and cons of utilizing the Himalaya facial kit for men


Makes skin clear and smooth

Available at affordable price

Improves skin tone

Cleanses dirt and acnes


Direct exposure to sunlight is to be avoided

Each facial kit is suitable for different skin type

Adishi  Gold Shimmer Power Facial Kit For Men

Adishi Glod Shimmer power facial kit

Adishi has introduced a facial kit for men under their brand. Their Gold shimmer facial kit designed for men in such a way that it helps you nurture and take care of your skin. This facial kit is been made available in India. This facial kit for men by Adishi is 100% herbal, so you can use it with no worries. It is considered as one of the preferred facial kits by many men for oily skin. This facial kit from Adishi helps you get clear skin naturally.


Herbs extract are present in the creams

Clears impurities and acnes

Removes dead skin cells and improves skin tone

Suitable for men with beard as well


Need to avoid immediate sun exposure


Takes time to do the complete facial

To summarise the blog, these were few facial kits for men that can be considered to treat your skin. All these facial kit for men is from a well-known brand and trusted by many customers. You can save while you shop these facial kits for men through site. They have some special offers and vouchers that will let you save and earn additional cashback. If you are planning a gift for your male friends, then this could be the best one. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best facial kit for you today.

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