How To Check My Vodafone Number: Vodafone Number Check Code For Balance, Recharge, Net Balance

how to check my vodafone number

It is difficult to remember the new number you purchase when you switch your telecom company. Remembering a new number takes time. In that case, if someone asks you to provide your number, you wouldn’t be able to recollect it. You can refer to this article as it gives you step by step directions. In this article you would come across frequently asked questions.

How To Check Your Vodafone Number

Your mobile number is used at various places so it is important to know your number. If you are wondering how can I know my Vodafone number, then here are a few options. You can choose any of these options listed below to utilize to identify your Vodafone number:

1. Check your Vodafone No using USSD code

Vodafone Number Check code

This is one of the easiest ways of knowing your Vodafone number. For that purpose, you certainly have to follow these simple and quick steps to know your Vodafone number using the USSD code.

1.Dial *111*2# from your Vodafone number of which you wish to know the


2.Press the call button and you would receive a SMS

3.SMS received would contain details of your Vodafone number as well as your existing plan.

2. Check your Vodafone Number using MyVodafone app

Check your number using MyVodafone App

In order to know about your existing or new Vodafone number which you recently purchased, you can get the information through MyVodafone app. Follow the below steps and know your number instantly.

1.Download MyVodafone Application from android play store or ios store.

2.Open the application

3.Once you open the application, you would see your Vodafone number on the top of the screen.

3.Once you open the application, you would see your Vodafone number on the top of the screen.

How To Check Your Balance for Vodafone Number

Now know your balance using the balance check number. If you are looking forward to what is the Vodafone balance check number then can dial *111# from your number. As you dial *111#, you would find the below options:

*my offers

*balance & usage

*manage account



You can choose whichever options as per your concern. This is the easiest way to know your balance of Vodafone number from your comfort place instead of visiting the store.

How To Find Your Special Vodafone Recharge Offers

Searching for the best recharge offers can be a task. So only to make it easy for you, we suggest you open the MyVodafone app. Once you open the app, you would find the offers section. On clicking on the offers section, it will show you the best available recharge offers for your  Vodafone number. Vodafone recharge offers you various ways to do your recharge for your prepaid number.

How To Check Net Balance For Your Vodafone Number

You can check your net balance through Vodafone data balance check code. You simply have to dial *111# and choose data balance so as to know about your net balance and usage. This way you can easily get the information about how much data is used and is remaining. Vodafone data check number can be obtained from a simple search as well provided that you use this code.