How to know my Jio number: Easy Methods To Check JIO Balance, Data Usage & Offers

How To Check My Jio Number

Imagine you take a new sim card from Jio and all of a sudden you meet your friends, and they ask you for your new no. But as the number is quite new, you are no aware of your own Jio number. You can follow the below steps to avoid such mishaps.   This blog serves as a quick guideline to excuse from such situations.

How To Check Your JIO Number

This sounds strange but at times we tend to forget our own mobile number. But you don’t need to panic as there are many ways to search my Jio no. Jio being the leading telecom company has made it very simple for all their users to search for my Jio no in case they forget the number. Jio has listed a few simple steps for how to know my Jio no without visiting the store. Follow the below simple steps in order to find out my Jio no in just a few clicks:

1. Checking Your Jio Number Using My Jio App

check your jio number using MyJio app

In order to understand how to know my Jio number through my Jio app, you are requested to follow these steps:

1.Install My Jio application from android play store or ios store

2.Open My Jio app and click on “sign in with Jio sim”

3.Now you would be able to see your Jio number on the top right corner of your device screen.

Note: For this option to work, you need to have an active data plan working on the same Jio sim.

2. Check My JIO Number Using 1299

ways to check Jio number

If you are searching for “How to know my Jio no” then this could be the easiest way. You can simply give a call on 1299 from the Jio number. On doing this, your call will automatically be disconnected and you will receive an SMS on that your number. In that SMS, you will find the details of your number and also special recharge plans.

3. Checking JIO Number Using SMS

Jio number check using SMS

You can now get to know “my Jio number” instantly from Jio balance check no. Jio offers its best customer care service across any location. For that purpose, simply send an SMS to 199, from my Jio number. When you send an SMS of “MYPLAN” to 199, and you will shortly receive details of your Jio plans. You can use this easy option to check my Jio number when you can’t recollect the Jio no.

4. Check Your JIO Number Using JIOCall

Jio Number check using Jiocall

This is one of the options you can try to know “my Jio number”. Download the Jio Call application. After downloading the application, follow the below steps:

1.Install and open the application

2.Click on the screen and login

3.You would find 3 vertical dots on the top corner, click on them and then go to settings

4. You will now see your Jio number at the top corner.

Note: This option can work only if you have an active internet plan on your Jio number.

How To Check Your JIO Number Balance

If in case you don’t remember when does my Jio plan expires or wish to check Jio balance, you can simply access the Jio balance check no. With this service of Jio you can check balance through my Jio application in just a fraction of seconds.

Now you can know your jio no in a simple way. You can dial *333# and know my jio no instantly. You will receive an SMS, giving detailed information about the Jio balance.

In fact, you can even know your balance through the Jio balance check code. This code has to be sent through a normal SMS from your number. You are requested to send an SMS of “BAL” to 199.

How To Check Your Special JIO Recharge Offers

If you are searching for ways to find how to find various Jio recharge offers for your no then use the USSD code. You are requested to send an SMS as “MY PALN” to 199 and they will send all the details of my Jio plan and new offers for your next recharge.

How To Check JIO Data Balance

If you wish to check how much net balance is remaining from my Jio plan then you can surely get the details in not much time. You can get information of Jionet balance check through My Jio application. In case if you don’t see the balance, you can send an SMS of “MBAL” to 55333.