Ultimate Guide To Buy Two Wheeler Insurance

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With the present scenario in India, there has been an increasing two-wheelers on the road. Each person has his own vehicle and wishes to travel by that only. With the increasing two wheelers and vehicles on the road, there is an increase in road accidents as well. No doubt that has to happen with road rules not been followed in particular in India. With that said, it is quite risky and life taking moment in the occurrence of the accidents. It causes huge loss to Life and vehicle as well. Keeping this in mind, the Indian Government has introduced the “The motor vehicle act”.

As per this law in it is compulsory for each person owning a two-wheeler to have two-wheeler insurance. Which has been issued from a recognized authority, without which driving is a punishable offense. With the increasing number of two-wheeler users, there is a huge increase in the issuance of two-wheeler insurance. And to meet this increase in demand, there is quite a number of online two-wheeler insurance companies offering their services. But let us first understand two-wheeler insurance in detail.

As your bike is a reliable partner through your travel journey. In the same way, for your bike, online bike insurance plays an important role. According to the most recent Motor Vehicle A​ct, Insuring your bike is obligatory. Get the best online Two Wheeler Insurance in no time and avoid yourself from paying a fine of Rs. 2000. Find an online two wheeler insurance for every top brand two wheeler companies. Be it Hero, Honda, Yamaha, TVS, Suzuki, Royal Enfield, and more. Two wheeler Insurance or Bike Insurance is a protection policy that gives financial assurance to your bike/scooter against any harms. This damage might be brought about by mishaps, natural events, theft or any serious incidents. A Two Wheeler Insurance likewise covers money related misfortunes against any third party liabilities.

In this blog, we have listed down a few of the major benefits of buying bike insurance policy. In addition to how cost effective it will be in future, what is the process for renewing is mentioned. Along with that how easy it is now to buy any online two wheeler insurance in just few clicks.

Let’s See Why One Must Choose Bike Insurance Online:

Below listed are a few of the most important reasons to be considered to buy bike insurance. In addition to the law made by the government, one must certainly buy it.

Financial Coverage:

The state of the roads in India is not that great which leads to rash driving and accidents. This has caused severe damage and deaths. Loss of cash is practically certain in these cases. For that purpose, the insurance firm pays for the repair of the vehicle. Along with that, it covers the medical aid of an individual. So, you can have tension free drive on your vehicle without worrying about the damage. In case of any mishaps, you won’t need to pay any additional cost due to two wheeler insurance.

Mandated by Law:

Riding without a substantial bike insurance policy is punishable by law. The main thing that distinguishes two wheeler insurance is the cover it provides under government law. In this manner, under the Motor Vehicles Act, one should obligatorily at any rate host a third party bike insurance

Natural Calamity Cover:

A two wheeler insurance policy likewise has the cover for damage caused through any sort of natural calamities like earthquakes and floods. So, an individual can claim its two wheeler insurance under such circumstances

Personal Accident Cover:

You get a personal mishap cover along with bike insurance which encourages you remain protected from any mishaps

Third part Cover:

A third party bike insurance covers the individual from any sort of legitimate commitment. That can emerge because of the mishap towards an outsider. It Covers damage to an outsider vehicle or Deat​​h or substantial injury to a third part by the insured vehicle. Given that by law, all the third-party cover is mandatory. This law implies the bike insurance policy of the insured individual will cover for any damage done to another vehicle and the individual (Third-Party).

Benefits Of Buying Bike Insurance

Know what are the benefits while buying a bike insurance policy or even during bike insurance renewal from reliance with their reliance two wheeler insurance coupons.

With Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance Vouchers Get Instant Renewal and Easy Claim Process

Reliance has a simple process for bike insurance renewal and it can be done online without any problem. You simply need to enter a couple of details like your vehicles registeration number and you can get a quote with ease. Likewise, Reliance offers 24×7 help through phone services even in special seasons.

Customised Add-On Covers

Reliance offers different extra covers like Nil Depreciation, Daily Allowance Benefit, EMI security, Helmet Cover and more which you can pick according to your requirements and utilize the reliance two wheeler insurance discount code to avail more discounts on the premium amount. Avail the reliance two wheeler insurance vouchers and save additional even on personal accident covers that give cover of up to Rs.15 lakhs for any medical treatments.

Cashless Facility

Reliance additionally gives the insurer a cashless facility in their two wheeler insuranceif the claim exceeds the amount of Rs.1198. With this sum, you’ll effectively have the option to discover many network garages and stores in a Tier 1 or Tier 2 city close to the zone you live in. Reliance is known for guarantee settlement and offering reliable services in the most limited and quickest conceivable time.

No Claim Bonus

A no case bonus is a reward given to policyholders for every year that passes without any accident claims. The rate of the no claim bonus offered by Reliance is 20% for the main year and 25% for two successive years, 35% for three continuous years, 45% for four back to back years, lastly 50% for the five sequential years.

Reliance two wheeler insurance coupons

How to buy/renew bike insurance policy with Reliance tow wheeler Insurance:

At Reliance General Insurance, we endeavour to improve services for our clients every day, in this manner with the purchasing or renewal process online, anyone can buy their two wheeler insurance online well in advance. We should initially find a way to Buy bike insurance on the web.

You can buy online two wheeler insurance with reliance with steps mentioned below:

  • Visit Cashkamao.com and search for Reliance two wheeler insurance and then click on grab deal which will redirect you to Reliance General’s​ bike Insurance page. Then on the left-hand side there is a form in which you have to enter your vehicle registration number, email address and mobile number. These details are compulsory and need to be fed accurately.
  • After entering all the details, you can proceed to a further page where you will be required to fill in more details such as your bike model variation, age of your bike and city in which bike is registered.
  • On entering this details you would find various quotes on the screen. It will have a long list of quotes of which each quotes with include some other benefits such as add on features.
  • You can likewise contact a specialist in case if you have any questions. The specialist will manage you through the process completely on the phone.
  • After you have finalised which quote suits your budget and is neccesary, you have to enter your own details and afterward you can move to the last window of terms and condition, agreeing to which the policy would be purchased after making the payment. Dont forget to utilize the reliance two wheeler insurance coupons at the time of making payment for the policy. By availing the reliance two wheeler discount code and reliance two wheeler insurance promo code offered by cashkamao.com, you would get an additional discount and cashback rewards straight in your wallet. On successful payment, the documents of the policy would be mailed online and also a copy of it will be sent at your registered address.

Now, insure yourself and your two wheeler from damage and other harms with no major cost. As traveling with safety is must, one must definitely consider buying two wheeler insurance from reliance for their bikes and two wheelers, as they offer best of their services and fast settlement.