List Of The Best Tv Series You Must Watch On Amazon Prime.

Best Amazon Prime Show To Watch

Are you bored of watching those boring tv series? Especially that have no good storyline or any amusing factor in their episodes? Then it’s time you opt for the amazon prime membership. Amazon prime is one such OTT platform of the leading eCommerce site Amazon. Through this you can watch movies, web series, tv serial for small kids, family shows and even more. As you all know, Amazon prime is now one of the leading OTT platforms where there is a large choice of tv series to binge watch.

Amazon prime has a wide collection of movies of different genres such as comedy, thriller, mystery, romantic and more to add in the list. You will find the best tv series of all time along with the exclusive amazon original movies. All this is available only on their amazon prime platform. In order to watch all these genres and series without interruption, purchase the yearly subscription of amazon prime through cashkamao site. Wondering why purchase the subscription? There are many other benefits than just binge watching the best tv series. With the amazon subscription you would be able to access the sale on amazon a day prior than other regular customers. In addition to that, you would be able to get all the deliveries from amazon, free of cost. Isn’t this amazing! So, it is like a power pack subscription giving numerous benefits in just one subscription.

If you think about the quality of video of online series on amazon prime then it would be available in High Definition. Not just for a single series but for each tv series that you would see on amazon prime. You will find a wide collection of various online series that are available on amazon prime. With that thought, you would wonder which one should I start watching? No need to wander on any other sites. Use the amazon prime coupons offered by to get a special subscription deal. Here in this blog, we will help you by listing a few of the best tv series. You can watch this series on the best OTT platform on amazon prime. Along with that now watch few of the amazon originals.


Mirzapur : Amazon Prime

Firstly, to start with the top TV series to watch on amazon prime is Mirzapur. It is a story of millionaire mafia families from Mirzapur, who are intending to spread their ruling territory through their business of carpets. Also, how 2 brothers trying to defeat the mafia and gain control over the city and state.  This famous online series has many reputed star cast like Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Faizal, Vikrant Massey, Harshit Gaur. This TV series comes under the category of thriller and action genre. It is given a rating of  8.4 star according to IMDB (internet movie data base).


Paatal lok:Amazon Prime TV Series

One of the most trending TV series which is also the best TV series to watch is Paatal Lok. This TV series is based on the assassination of journalist and has a lot to do with blood shed. You will find many criminal activities in the series, when four suspect tries to assassinate the journalist. You would have as sight of the best performing actors like Jaideep Ahlawat, Neeraj kabi, Abhishek banaerjee and others.  This TV series comes under the category of the thriller genre and is an amazon originals TV series.  This series is rated as 7.8/10 from IMDB.


Supernatural: Amazon Prime TV Series

If you are looking for TV series that is based on fighting with the evils and army wars against unlawful activities then you must surely watch the Supernatural online series on amazon prime. In this series, there is a story of how two brothers with the name Sam and Dean, whose mother is killed by a supernatural being. The boys followed the footsteps of their father and hunt down every single evil they came across. This series consists of fighting with the devil monsters, demons, and other supernatural beings on the earth.

In this series, the characters of the two brothers are all set to take revenge and fight back the demon. Sam has a natural power of having visions of incidents that are about to take place. And to point out all these visions are somehow links to the demons who had killed their mother. Overall it is one of the series to watch on amazon if you like watching this genre of series. This TV series comes under drama, horror, mystery. It is rated as 8.4/10 by IMDB.


The Office: Amazon Prime TV Series

This is one of the top TV series that the majority of the working people will relate to their personal life as well. This online series, depicts the everyday scenario of the manager and employees of a mediocre paper company. Also, how there is an ego clash, favoritism between the working staff. Along with how each of the employees does whatever it takes to keep the company thriving in the market. It is kind of a documentary that every office going person will certainly relate. This series has a good sense of humor. This series is rated as 8.9/10 by IMDB. And it is the most-watched series online. The series comprises fun and light moments thus making its way through the comedy genre.


Parks and Recreation: Amazon Prime TV Series

This is another fun kind off of TV series that you can surely watch on amazon prime so as to release your stress from daily chaos. Park & recreation is a series, where a bureaucrat with name Leslie Knope wishes to bring some beautification to her city by getting support from the local nurses to have built a wonderful park on an abandoned site. IN the due course, how she faces challenges from other higher-level bureaucrat’s and other neighbors is all that you would notice in this series. This online series is rates as 8.6/10 by IMDB and falls under the comedy genre.


The Boys: Amazon Prime TV Series

If you are someone who likes watching tv series of superheroes and action, then “The Boys” is the right choice for you. Yes, I am very sure you won’t be disappointed by the action and storyline of this online series. It is one such series where a company plans to earn money by marketing the superheroes in a decent manner irrespective of those people are cruel by nature in person. You would find there are two groups of superheroes in the series, in which one group is looking forward to keeping the corrupted heroes under control, and the other group of superheroes is led by egoistic the country.

In this series, a character with the name Annie is forcefully made to see the other side of superheroes whom she likes the most and which is hidden from the world. You would come across various plot twists in this series. Don’t miss out on the plot twist while you are munching while watching this best tv series on the amazon originals.

Here comes an end to a few of the best tv series of all time that you can binge-watch anytime even with your family. Each of these series will distract you from reality and give you a break from your daily chores. This list comprises various genres of online tv series that one can watch if they have an amazon prime membership. Don’t wait and get your amazon subscription now and stream such mindful tv-series and uplift your entertainment anytime through your device. Avail of the additional benefits of Prime membership, exclusive amazon offers, deals.