Top Amazon Prime Membership Offer & Benefits

Amazon Prime Membership Offers & Benefits

Can’t wait for your order to be delivered at your doorstep?

Now, Amazon Prime membership offers you such instant services just at one click. Now no more waiting for long days for your parcel to be delivered at your place. Amazon being such a global brand has the best offers and amazon lightning deals throughout the year, especially during the festive season.

A thought may cross the huge cost of this membership. But to your surprise, the prime membership cost is very cheap and affordable. You get to access many features when you subscribe to amazon prime membership. Through this blog, you will get to know what all surprising Amazon Prime offers to its elite customers on its prime subscription. There are quite some benefits when you subscribe to the amazon prime services such as the following:

1.Choose Your Delivery Date:

Through amazon prime membership you have a choice to choose the delivery date at your convenience. The members are given the option to choose from fast Amazon free delivery or standard delivery while placing an order.

2.Early Access To Upcoming Amazon Offers:

All the amazon prime members are given early access to all the sale and amazon lightning deals. These give an edge over other customers when it comes to quick selling products.

3.Unlimited Photo Storage:

Amazon Prime members have a facility for storing unlimited cloud storage for photos. For this reason, you should simply utilize the Amazon Drive application to transfer pictures from phones and tablets. Likewise, Prime Photos gives you 5GB of additional capacity for documents and recordings! How amazing features, isn’t it? Now, no more memory issue for all the great occasions.

4.Unlimited Reading:

All the prime members can choose from over a thousand books, comics & magazines to read as a result they are free.

5.Amazon Audible:

Free for Amazon prime members, Audible Channels includes accessibility to digital broadcasts, Audio series, Audiobooks, as much as to other Audio content.

Exclusive Access to all Amazon Sales

Everyone wants to grab all the Amazon offers. No one wishes to miss out on the opportunity offered by amazon to their prime members. There are a lot of festivals throughout the year on amazon such as Amazon Diwali Dhamaka, Amazon Christmas Festival, and so forth and Amazon prime offers its clients with a chance to save additional cash during the festive season. By subscribing to prime, you are entitled to getting early access to all the amazing deals and flash sales across all the products..

 Watch The Latest Amazon Prime Original Shows For Free

Amazon Prime Offers

Amazon Prime Video membership allows everyone to avail of this service for free, unlike Netflix & other video streaming apps, which requires its clients to feed in their card details in an event for a “free first-month trial”. For this reason, Amazon prime video is the most affordable video streaming service in India. Along with the online shopping platform, with the subscription, you gain access to amazon prime original shows, movies, and web series. The amazon prime price is so affordable that it is completely worth buying as it has multi-level benefits. With amazon prime video subscription access through all the movies, video content, series, shows, as well as other web seasons throughout the year.

Listen To Your Favorite Music, Traits For Free With Amazon Music

Bored of listening to the very same music in the loop?

Amazon Prime Music Offers

Don’t want to keep wandering on YouTube for the latest songs, or songs that matches with the event you are in present. Amazon Music is the answer to all these questions. Amazon has launched its music streaming platform Amazon Prime Music in India. Be it the latest track release of the most famous Bollywood artists or some EDM trance music album, amazon prime music has all it undercover. It offers some 12 Indian languages, including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, English, etc. Amazon music is free for Amazon prime members.

Special Delivery Benefits For Amazon Prime Users

Amazon Prime memberships give you unlimited free delivery. The Amazon Prime free trial gives you access to jaw-dropping deals. A two-day shopping feast called Prime Day is there each year. This celebration is exclusively for the prime members. Amazon said that the membership is free for 30 days in India, after the free trial of 30 days, the amazon prime cost only Rs 999 for a year’s subscription. Globally, you won’t find any platform offering so reasonable for subscription other than amazon with their Amazon Prime price.

Reading Benefits For Amazon Prime Users

Amazon Prime Reading Offers

In recent years, Amazon added Prime Reading to the list of benefits for Prime members. It provides unlimited access to a library of around 1,000 books, magazines, and comics, and it includes some audiobooks also. Prime individuals can read their preferred titles at no extra expense by downloading and perusing eBooks in practically no time. They can find and read new and best-selling titles from a collection of writers at no extra expense. Digital books under Amazon Prime Reading include all kinds like Literature and Fiction, Travel, Romance, and scarcely any others.

With Amazon Prime Membership, you would now be able to enjoy limitless perusing from the best hit eBooks at no extra expense. Amazon Prime Reading joins the other valuable services offered to Prime individuals including unlimited free and quick delivery, limitless Indian and global video content, unlimited ad-free amazon music in several languages, exclusive and early access to flash sales, and much more.

With such exclusive services that amazon offers, one must certainly take the benefit of it. Also, the amazon prime membership cost is not too much to burn your pocket, considering their astounding features. Now take your shopping experience to a different level with amazon prime lightning deals that you will find when you visit on is one such amazing web site that helps you with their wide variety of coupons, promo codes which you can utilize when you shop for your desired product. You can search for any brand from around the world and get the best deals for each one of them. Along with that get additional cashback on every purchase you make. Grab all the astonishing deals from cashkamao and sit back & relax. Get delivery of all your orders right at your doorstep.

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