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Terms & Conditions - CashKamao.com

1. Introduction:

Welcome to www.cashkamao.com. ("we", "us", "Company" or "CashKamao.com").

Please read the below terms of service or Agreement carefully as they contain the legal norms and points that you agree to whenever you grab the service provided by CashKamao.com


2. Account & Membership:

CasKamao.com is intended to be used by the Indian customers so the Cashback or cash rewards will only be provided to the CashKamao members in the Indian National Rupee (INR).

Benefits to the respective members from the CashKamao.com will only be gained through registration process after you provide the certain requested information to CashKamao.com.

On registration or signup form we ask you whether you agree to current Terms of Service. If you don’t agree then you will not be permitted to use CashKamao.com services.

Important Point: As your email address is crucial for a seamless communication between you and CashKamao, you must ensure that you have full access to the email address you provide as we will be sharing important messages and exciting offers to you by CashKamao.com


3. Cashback & Services:

As a CashKamao member you can avail Cashback for making a purchase from various retailers listed on CashKamao.com website.

When a Member successfully completes a Transaction, and once we have received the Cashback for that Transaction, we pass that Cashback to the User.

However, Cashkamao can only provide cashback on genuine transactions which are successfully tracked and verified by the retailers.

Once your transaction is successfully tracked and verified by the retailer, we receive a commission from the retailer and we share with the member the same in the form of cashback.

Please take into account that under certain circumstances, your transaction may not get tracked or qualify for a cashback.

Under any circumstances, we can't be held responsible for the same. Retailers approve a transaction to be genuine or valid through their own set of terms and conditions.

A transaction approved as non-genuine or invalid by the retailer they reject for a cashback.

CashKamao.com would always make the best efforts for its members on its part to recover non-payments and missing cashback from the retailers. In such a scenario, you can make a claim by contacting our support team by using our contact form.

We reserve the right to stop track your cashback claim at any valid point and our decision will be final.

At times there would be chances you may receive a lower amount in cashback than what you were expecting. This happens when retailer gives us an amount less to what the member claims. In this case, you may raise a query and we would take it up with the retailer. Though, we reserve the right to close this enquiry claim if the retailer still does not pay in a period of three months.


4) Referral:

This referral bonus is subject to change at any point of time as per the situation and discussions of CashKamao.com.To get the referral bonus, the referred member must satisfy certain terms and conditions:

-The referrals that will genuine and unique will be paid.

- A minimum of 250 rupees cashback must be available in the referrer account to receive referral amount.

- Numerous accounts, signups or logins by the same user or any fraudulent signups will result in permanent termination of the accounts.


5) Misuse & Termination of Account:

If any account is observed by any fraudulent, abusive or unfair activity, CashKamao.com reserve the right to suspend or terminate any members access to our service.

We also have the right to reject or deny membership to any individual member. If the member does not respond with this then it would result in immediate termination of his/her account.


6. Privacy & Cookie Policy:

Our Privacy & Cookie Policy forms part of this Agreement, and by entering into this Agreement you also give your consent to the way we handle your personal data under that policy. Please note that posting on this site may be accessible to internet members around the globe.


7. Payments:

CashKamao.com offers Wire (Online bank transfer) mode through which members can request for their payments:

Users can make a payment request as per their convenience once they have met some certain criteria.

CashKamao.com will not be responsible for payments made to incorrect destinations. CashKamao.com can also be not held liable for any delay in payments.

In case of any unusual or fraudulent activity is detected this site from any account, we have the right to place on hold all payment requests from that account until further investigation.


8. Entire Agreement:

This Agreement contain your entire agreement with us relating to our Cashback Service, we believe it to be fair and correct. It replaces all the past agreements and understandings with you, except for any fraud or fraudulent representation by either of us.

Please make a durable copy of this Agreement. It is offered in English only.


9. Law:

As per the Indian Laws,this Agreement and our relationship with you and each Member is same. You and we submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Indian courts in relation to disputes arising connection with the Agreement.


10. Keeping this Agreement:

We don't separately file the individual Agreements entered into by Members when they register for the Cashback Service.

You can access it at www.cashkamao.com

Please make a hard copy of this Agreement by printing and/or saving a downloaded copy on your own portable devices. It is offered in English only.


11. Liability:

CashKamao.com are liable for providing the services of cashkamao.com with skill, ample care and with the best intention of meeting our specifications for the Cashback service for our users.

CashKamao.com will only be liable as explicitly stated in this document, but will be free from any other liability, duty or obligation whatsoever in contract, tort or otherwise.

CashKamao.com shall also not have the liability to you or any other entity/person in respect of material provided by users, transactions (or non-transactions) with retailers, or any activity or communication relating to such material or transactions.

Users are solely liable for maintaining the confidentiality of their password and Cashkamao.com cannot be held responsible for any password theft or any consequences arising from the same.


12. Additional services:

We or our retail partners will offer new or extra services through the site from time to time.

Your use and benefits of those services may be subjected to additional norms which you must abide to fulfil.

Additional services such as offers etc will be notifies to the members through SMS and email.

Provided that those terms are notified to you on the Site in an appropriate manner and when you agree to take those services, any failure by you to comply with a provision of the terms governing those services will breach on this Agreement.


13. Communications:

You hereby expressly agree to receive communications by way of SMS, e-mails from caskamao.com relating to Services provided through the Website.


14. Contact:

You can reach us on contact@cashkamao.com